Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Woodpecker's Egg Drop Challenge

The designers in Woodpecker Class have been extremely busy this week designing innovative and sustainable packaging for an egg to survive, safe and in one piece, a drop from a height of 3 metres!

The design teams had only half an hour to design their packaging using only specific provided materials.  The amount of materials that the children were able to use was restricted too!  The packaging had to be sustainable.  The children had one hour  to discuss, invent and create their packaging.

We went outside and the packaging containing their egg was dropped from a height of 3 metres!

Here are our results.

Year 2 Reading to Owl and Robin Class

Year 2 have written their own versions of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  The children in Owl and Robin Classes loved listening to their storytelling.

Making recycled paper in Woodpecker Class.

Hannelore Baxter came into Woodpecker Class to show us how to make recycled paper.  The children really enjoyed this activity and we created some lovely pieces of paper.  Thank you Hannelore.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Sea pollution with Owl class.

Having looked at some pictures of the effects of plastic in the Sea and on the beach, Owl class decided to make their own polluted waters to show the rest of the school.

We started with a sea creature in pure waters. From this we could see that the creature was able to swim and see clearly.

To different jars, the children decided how they would pollute their waters to show how our rubbish effects animals in our sea and on our beaches.

These animals are trapped inside plastic bags.

These animals might eat the small cosmetic beads which could make them very ill.

These animals are caught in oil and plastic litter.

The project made us even more determined to show ho much plastic we use in our 'Plastic City'.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Balloon sculptures.

After a lovely play in the rain today, Owl class have been super busy. Using a balloon pump the children inflated their own balloons with a little support and then twisted and turned them into amazing sculptures.

Then it was time for a game of balloon limbo!

Shhhhhhh, we have pets in Owl class!

In Owl class we are looking after Geoff, a Giant African Land Snail and four babies. The children are caring for the snails, ensuring that they have water, food and fresh soil. Geoff likes to be held and the children have been incredibly careful with him and the babies.

This week we have introduced a wormery and have already started to see the tunnels. We are looking forward to observing and discussing the changes and growth of all of our pets.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

A maths lesson for Owls from Robins.

We were very lucky to have a visit from the Reception class this week as they brought over their beautiful and unique number lines. The Reception children explained very clearly what a number line is and helped their Nursery partner to do some counting.

Some children decided to carry on counting in continuous provision, thank you Robins!